Cutting line JK 9010-PS

Extra equipment

The knives of the sheeting cutter are easily adjustable sideways.

Knives can be rapidly changed and added. The stop cam of the measuring device makes it easy to adjust the knives, the scale can be read with accuracy of 1 mm.

The easily maintained electrical control centre has been placed on the side of the machine.

The control buttons for the machine functions, the safety switches and the electronic control unit with a display for different measures are situated in the upper part of the centre.

Technical data

Sheet width, max 1250 mm
Sheet thickness 0,5 - 1,25 mm
Adjustable speed 30 m / min
Straightening rollers 3 pcs
(4-5 optional)
Draw-in rollers Rubber-coated
Strip cutter 3 cutting blade-pairs
2 cutting edges
Cross-cutter shear angle 1,2°
Repeatability accuracy of the slitter (with motorized uncoiler reel) ± 0,4 mm / m
Max longitudinal feed 1 km
Electric power 5 kW / 16 A
Working height 970 mm
Dimensions: L/W/H 1900 mm/1800 mm/1250 mm

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